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In our previous V1 version, we had separate APIs for various functions, including QR Code Generation, Clear Document, Reported Document, and Downloading PDFs. However, in our latest V2 version, we have streamlined and consolidated these functionalities into a single, unified API known as the "Unify API." This unified API encompasses Validation for both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) transactions and QR code generation; on successful validation of B2C transactions the term “Reported” is used and “Cleared” term is used for B2B transaction validation. This consolidation simplifies the integration process and enhances the overall efficiency of our API services.

📄️ Egs OnBoarding

After successfully completing the signup, sign-in, and generating a unique API Key, the next important step is to ensure the security of your API Key. This step initiates the onboarding phase. The Onboarding API acts as the bridge for integrating your E-Invoice Generation Solution (EGS) into the ZATCA sandbox environment. Make sure to input the required parameters in the specified format, and you have the flexibility to include additional parameters to align with your specific needs.